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Scoreboard Displays

SoftPeelR's scoreboard is a robust and innovative solution for displaying match scores. It uses high-quality LCD displays that are easy to read from any distance in the curling hall.

Tournament Management

SoftPeelR handles round-robin, Schenkel and knockout competitions. Scores are entered using a tablet and SoftPeelR produces rankings and publishes results on-line.

Club Management

You can manage your club tournaments using SoftPeelR. SoftPeelR generates your club schedule and can manage sheets for club matches, training or initiations.

How it works


SoftPeelR Display

Easy-to-read LCDs

Enter Scores on Tablet

iOS or Android

Put Tournament On-line

Live Results and Rankings

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Cup - Round-Robin - Schenkel

Choice of Sapinda Arena

Geneva Curling Club

Put Club On-line

Sheet Reservations

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Curling Champions Tour
Edinburgh Curling Club
Hungary National Championships
Champéry Curling Club
Curling Austria
Lausanne Olympique
Marseille Curling Club
Turin Curling
Besançon Curling
Geneva Curling Club

Why not try SoftPeelR for your tournament or club? Simply go to the www.softpeelr.com, create an account and configure your tournament.

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